Yes! Our mission statement is to be volunteer run and voluntary donation supported so that we can always offer tuition-free courses. We have no employees, only volunteers, even for administration of the project. We are not a business trying to get a reputation built up and then start charging for our services. We home school families have had a rich history of teaming up to help each other locally in co-ops and the VHSG project is much like that but on an international level.

Many of our courses will require you to have a course text, lab gear, etc. for your student. You can locate these new or used from a variety of vendors online or locally. The course description will typically have any required items listed so that you know what will be needed before you enroll.  Please note that these are REQUIRED resources.  Due to copyright and our agreements with the publishers, you are not allowed to take the course without having the listed required resources in each course.  

If you are able and are interested in donating to the project, we do take donations through the summer from early June through to July 31. Donations cover our tools we need such as the virtual dedicated server needed to run our LMS, the online classrooms for each of our teaching volunteers, software to build our interactive lessons, and varied team and administrative tools needed to help us efficiently share the jobs of running VHSG and communicating with families and volunteer team members working on team projects and training. We appreciate the help so that we can better help each of the families using our courses. 


The only classes we have at this time where we collect payment are the Dave Ramsey courses.  This is NOT a VHSG fee.  However, we arrange for a group buy for the online Dave Ramsey videos and homework that are used in our Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship classes.  The cost through our co-op group buy is much less than buying direct from Dave Ramsey.  

Again - this fee is for the videos and online homework from Dave Ramsey's site that is used in our class.  The group buy payment is used to purchase the resources from Dave Ramsey to offer the class.  None of the fee goes to VHSG.