Log in and go in to the course you want your grades for. Look in the Administration Block (usually in the left side bar). Click on 'Grades'. You have two views which you can change between using the drop down. Your grade report can be printed using your browser's print function.

You can also see your grades for all of the courses you are enrolled in by going to your profile and clicking on the course you want the data for. Whatever course you selected will then be loaded up in your Activities tab. Look there for your grades for that course. Go back and select another course to load up another class into grade page. You can use your browser print function to print these off for your records.

Note that we do not mail your grades to you at the end of courses. We don't collect mailing addresses for students to keep students safe. Mailing is not needed when you can print them off yourself.

Also, do print them off before the course is completely retired from the server.  Courses usually stay on the server about a year beyond the school year indicated in their names. If you haven't completed any new assignments a count down begins that runs 364 days. On day 365 of no activity, the system automatically un-enrolls student accounts and when all students are gone, the course is removed to make room for new ones.  

Tips for printing grades and quizzes for longterm record-keeping:

You can eliminate the sidebar before you print to save ink and paper. Just be sure to turn it back on when you are finished. Once you are on the page you want to print, look in the top right for ...

Hide BlocksSelect "Hide Blocks".
Now you can print using your browser's print function (typically under "Print" in the browser menu).

If you just want digital records and you have no need for paper, there are many browser plug-ins that will add "Print to pdf" as a printer. This converts what you have on your screen to a pdf and lest you save it to your computer. Then you can print that out at leisure.