Yes, you can! These make useful tools for studying away from the keyboard and are wonderful additions to a portfolio of the work you have done.

Here is a how to ...
  1. Log in to your account that was used to complete the quiz.
  2. Enter the course and locate the quiz you wish to print out. Click to go in to the quiz. 
  3. Assuming it is a quiz you have already taken, in the description page, you will see a table that has a column labeled "Attempt". If you have only taken the quiz once, you will only see one attempt listed there. If it is a multi-take quiz, all the attempts you have completed will be there. Click on the attempt number to link to the completed quiz.
  4. Use your browser's print function (usually under the File menu option) to send the page to your printer. 

Tips for printing grades and quizzes for longterm record-keeping:

You can eliminate the sidebar before you print to save ink and paper. Just be sure to turn it back on when you are finished. Once you are on the page you want to print, look in the top right for ...

Hide BlocksSelect "Hide Blocks". 
Now you can print using your browser's print function (typically under "Print" in the browser menu). 

If you just want digital records and you have no need for paper, there are many browser plug-ins that will add "Print to pdf" as a printer. This converts what you have on your screen to a pdf and lest you save it to your computer. Then you can print that out at leisure.  

Also note that if you print before you submit, it will take more paper and be a longer document than if you submit the quiz and print it from the review view. The review mode lists all the questions all in one long page rather than several separate pages.