Where Are the Notes?

In many courses you will see the following icon associated with lessons ...

Notes IconThese are notes for that lesson that students can use if they wish. In older courses, the button will link to a .doc or pdf file. We are gradually changing over to making our notes in pure HTML5 so that mobile device users will find them friendly to their smaller screen sizes and be in a format all devices can open in a mobile browser. Even students on laptops and desktops will find the responsive design to be useful to resize the browser window to something more compact.

What Do The Notes Contain?

The notes will have the slide images from the lesson along with a transcript of what is said in the recorded or live classroom lesson. Occasionally, the notes will have added resources available in the navigation bar of the notes page. 


Some of the courses have the notes graphic there as a placeholder until they can be added at a later date.  If you click on the notes and they do not appear, double check to see if you have pop up blockers activated.  If you do not, we likely do not have notes built