Live, Online Classroom Classes

You will find that some live classes will have due dates. There are several ways that you can track these.

The calendar will show activities with due dates among other events. Items with due dates will show up as pink and site-side events will show up as a mint green. When you click on the month name you go to a screen where you can add your own events to your calendar and see more than the current month. You can also use the triangles to scan one month at a time forward or backward in time. The calendar will behave in a different way depending on if you are in a course or if you are on your dashboard or home page. On the dashboard or home page it will show the due dates across all your courses. If you are in a course page, it filters for due dates for just that course.

Another way is to visit your dashboard. There is a link to it in the navigation bar. When you arrive there, you will see your courses listed. Under the course name, you will often see various tracking tools there for your convenience. These will alert you to items that need your attention. On your dashboard, the links will be clickable to get more details for the assignments you have. Here is a screenshot of a typical dashboard course area. courses that do not have due dates will often offer the checklist tool to help students stay organized. Courses with due dates on assignment uploaders will automatically show up under the course name. If you see those, you can count on that course having due dates.

Yet another way is to look in the side bar on the course page for the Activities block. If you do not see a sidebar, look to see if you have docked sidebar items to the left of the window or if you have minimized the side bar (icon will be to the top right in a desktop view. The links will take you to a list of each type of activity and there will be a due date column. If you do not see dates in the column, no due date for that activity exists. 


In classes with due dates, we do NOT accept late assignments.  If students miss the due dates, each parent is responsible to grade their own child's missed assignment and adjust the grade manually in their records.