We have a small team of volunteers that focus on building new courses.  Our primary build time is January through June.  During the summer and fall, we focus on volunteer teacher and grader recruit, new year course preparation, teacher training, and finally getting some time to enjoy the holidays with our families.

We typically run a poll on our Facebook page around January asking families which courses they would like to see built.  We must get permission from the publishers for any we offer, and not all publishers will work with us.  After looking at the poll, volunteers willing to work on build work on creating any new courses we can.  How much we can do totally depends on build volunteers stepping up to help.  Course builds are a long process and take many people working together as a team to complete.  We do have a build team working on projects, so contact us by emailing support@virtualhomeschoolgroup.org if you would like to help behind the scenes.  We offer tutorials to complete the work, and many of the projects are simple copy/paste type tasks.  

In order for a class to run live in the fall, all work to build it must be completed by June 30.  If it misses that deadline, it will need to wait until the next year to run.  That gives the admin team time to proof and troubleshoot the course during our extremely busy summer schedule.

All courses that run live must have a teacher and grading support to offer them each year. Whether it will be offered will depend on volunteers stepping up.

AYOP (At Your Own Pace) courses are offered in a few subjects that do not have a large amount of manual grading.  We cannot offer AYOP in all subjects due to publisher restrictions in a few and the fact that other classes rely too much on discussion in the live class.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a course you would like to see offered, you may email us at support@virtualhomeschoolgroup.org to offer a suggestion.  We cannot guarantee it will be offered, but we may be able to add it to our wish list if enough people are interested.