Yes for AYOP Science, but you need to contact us for details . . .

Please contact with details about your co-op.  Please include the course you wish to use as well as the number of students you expect to have using the course.

It will depend how many students you have how we handle the enrollment.  

Local co-ops cannot use our live classes for their own use.    Enrollment is handled differently for live courses and courses are sometimes customized by the teachers during the year.    If you would like to use one of our live classes, please consider teaching online with us and referring your local students to our co-op.

Please note:    VHSG classes take priority over other co-ops wanting to use the courses.  When we are in the midst of course set-up for VHSG classes, time is very scarce.  Please understand it may take a couple weeks to get things set up if you are behind the other courses being prepped for fall.  Do not contact us and expect to be able to use the class the next week.  It probably won't be possible ;)