How Do You Get To The Course Page?

Log in and click on Dashboard in the navigation bar.

Look for General Science in the course list. Click on the link for the course. Scroll down until you see the first module block  ...
Look for the Genera Science course in the course list. Click the link for the course if you know where you left off or click on the checklist if you need to see where you left off ...

Scroll down a bit to see the module you are working in. It will have a heading that looks something like ...

The first lesson has a bit more help to get you rolling. The blue arrows pointing up and down point to the lesson tutorial content and up to the graded assignment. You can click on the top one and still see the content information inside the quiz description. It is there and one the course page. Go ahead and click the graded assignment where the top arrow points to. You will still see the PLAY NOW button. Click it and listed to the lesson. Try try the Notes icon to see what the study notes are like. Once you feel ready, the assignment can be started by clicking ...

there will be questions to work on and at the bottom of the page will be a NEXT button. When you are to the last page, there will be a button submit your work so that your grade goes to your grade book.

The lecture quizzes are meant for practice, so you can take them as many times as you wish and only the highest score goes to the grade book. You also have multiple tries on each question if you want it. Look for the word REDO in the box to the left of the question.

Week 2 of a module: Labs

In week 2, the focus will shift to hands on labs and studying for the module exam. Labs are optional and earn extra credit. This isn't because we feel labs are unimportant. It is to give families the maximum flexibility to use a local co-op or a lab intensive for labs.

Labs have a walk-through on the same resource page where you clicked to see the recorded lesson in week 1. These provide a great overview and sometimes tips and variation that can be done in the lab.

There are lab starters provided on the course page in the lab uploader in the lab section of the course page. If you are not sure of how to save a copy, we have a tutorial for that in the top block of the course page.

Click on a lab and you will find a link to the lab report starter. These make it so easy because all the grunt work of typing out the procedures and the materials is done for you. Look for sections with brackets for what you will need to fill in. Upload the completed work into the uploader. We will score lab reports about once each two weeks.

Week 2 of a module: Exam

Preparing and taking the module exam is a natural wrap up for the module in week 2. It is recommended that the student retake the lecture quizzes to gauge their readiness for the exam. If the student can get the correct answers the first try, they are ready. If they need a second or more try to get the correct answer, then read the text for that question's topic area, look back at the lecture notes, or attend an open office hour for help.

When you are ready, click on the link for the module exam. The exam is one take only, but you can click save without submitting if you want to take a break. Look for the button at the bottom of the page. When done, click the Submit all and finish button.