Since students are geographically dispersed there isn't a way to get together for hands on labs under the official auspices of VHSG. However, the course gives lots of lab support for students. Each module that has labs has a lab walk through lesson where students are walked through the basic steps and get tips. We have a few labs where we suggest different procedures than the text because we have found better methods for the same lab objective. We have also added labs and we have a few online labs and virtual activities that earn lab credit. Most labs are the same as in the text though. We have all the course labs set to extra credit to give families the maximum control over the labs they opt to do. There is no penalty to skip a lab that way. Co-ops often will run the lab side of the course, so you may want to look into what co-ops in your area are ding for biology. Often students use VHSG for the concepts and tests and their local co-op for the lab side. Another alternative worth looking in to if you don't want to do labs at home is the Landry Academy Lab Intensive. They have many through the summer in cities throughout the U.S. These one to three day events will do all the labs and then some for a subject. We have a Landry Academy certificate uploader in the top block of the course page. Upload a scan of the certificate for 100 lab extra credit points. To learn more about the lab intensives, go to

Lab Report Starters:
Lab report starters are designed to introduce students to the format that colleges expect with lab reports. These have the typing in place for the parts students would merely be copying because we know students often are still at the place with typing skills where they find it slow an laborious. By having the materials and procedures in there students will be more rested to concentrate on the thinking parts of their report. Tips and guides are provided for students in the lab report to help them acclimate to what the different parts are for. When the lab reports are complete, they can be uploaded for extra credit.

To find them, look for the water droplets that highlight lab areas for the General Science course. Just click the blue lab starter links to download the lab starters ...
Alternates to the Lab Report:
Any proof that the lab was done will do: note from mom, photos, lab report, etc. What we did in our family might be something your students will enjoy. We did something that was a cross between a lab report and a scrap book: electronic science notebooks. There are many examples on my personal website. A great  place to start examining how we did it is to go to and click on the thumbnails in the slideshow.

No Due Dates:
All the labs are listed without due dates.