Now locate Biology in your course list. Click the course name to go into the course page.

Scroll down a bit to see the module block that you are currently working on. Now it is time to learn the lesson. If you read the text, you can select your timing for before the recorded lesson, after the recorded lesson, or read instead of using the recorded lesson. Even if you read the text and skip the recorded lesson, do see if the added resources are useful. If you do the live class, it will replace the recorded lesson. If you miss a live class, you can play the recorded lesson.

After the lesson is viewed or the book read, you next will complete that lecture's quiz. Look for ...

This is intended for practice, so student can try the questions as many times as they wish. Only the highest score goes to the grade book. These are computer-scored and replace the OYO and study guide questions. Students can save their work and come back to it later by clicking the Save without submitting button at the bottom. When done, they can click the Submit all and finish button. They can start a new attempt at any time.


Week 2 of a module:

Labs ...


Preparing and taking the module exam is a natural wrap up for the module in week 2. It is recommended that the student retake the lecture quizzes to gauge their readiness for the exam. If the student can get the correct answers the first try, they are ready. If they need a second or more try to get the correct answer, then read the text for that question's topic area, look back at the lecture notes, or attend an open office hour for help.

When you are ready, click on the link for the module exam. The exam is one take only, but you can click save without submitting if you want to take a break. Look for the button at the bottom of the page. When done, click the Submit all and finish button.

One more module is done!