Biology meets three times per week. There are four session time options on each of those days. Students are not locked in to any one session time. They are free to attend one time on one day and come to a different time the next day. Typically, the two morning sessions run a bit larger than the two afternoon sessions. Sessions during the summer months can be quite small since many families schedule a September jump in point to early June graduation point. However, summer is an excellent time to do biology because the organisms being studied are easy to observe and collect for observation.

The live class sessions are scheduled for a 1-hour time slot in the online classroom. Though, that doesn't mean we typically need the full hour. In the first week of a module we focus on the module content. Those days run an average of 40-minutes of lecture and discussion followed by a lecture quiz (OYO and Study Guide questions) that the students are encouraged to take before they even log out so they can ask questions if any of the questions puzzle them.

In the second week of a module, we typically have lab day on Tuesday. Thse days vary quite a lot on how much time they need. Some are as short as ten minutes and some will push all the way up to the last minutes of the allotted hour. Plan for full hours on the days we do dissections and biomysteries.

Game day is a highlight for the students each module. Game days typically run 45 to 50 minutes unless it is a particularly short module.

Thursdays in the second week are optional quiet study days (originally called interactive practice). Students can skip this study time if they find they study another way or at another time better. Students can come and go during this hour as they please with most attending about 20-minutes duration on average.