The Apologia General Biology course uses the text. Either edition is fine.

Labs are optional, so you have maximum control over what ones you choose to do. They also do not have due dates. That will allows families to accommodate tight budgets that might not have enough flex for a microscope or other lab gear. If you are a planned are feel the need to get everything at the beginning of the year, here are some considerations ...

Do not get dissection specimens until about module 10. The liquid in the bags often disappear over even a semester's worth of storage. Ordering the items at about module 10 will give you adequate time for shipping and allow the specimen to be as fresh as possible. 

If you get a microscope, do get at least the the methylene blue stain. This stain will make the nucleus in cells visible and add so much more enjoyment to the experience of working with the microscope.

I recommend getting supplies per module after you decide what labs you want to do. the supply list is in each lab in the text and also in the lab report starter. If you want a complete list of all the supplies needed for all of the labs, there is one in the textbook's appendix (sections at the end of the text).