What is the Workflow?

Let's get you to the course page as a start. To get to the dashboard click on "Dashboard in the navigation bar on the site at http://www.virtualhomeschoolgroup.org. The image below shows what to look for if you have any trouble.
 Look for chemistry in your course list. If you do not see it, click on 'Customize this page' in the top right and then look under the course list for the controls for how may courses show. Adjust it and drag and drop the courses into the order you want. Then click on 'Stop customizing this page' to save the new settings.

Click on Chemistry to go into the course page.

Browse through the information in the top block first if you have not already. Not the periodic table you will need later in the course and the FAQ graphic to get back here to the FAQs if you have any questions.

Now take a look at module 1 ...

Week 1 of a module: Lecture Content

To play the lecture, just click on the red Play Now button. There are notes available too if you want to take a look at them. After viewing the lecture return back to module 1 and click on the link with the paper and red checkmark icon. that will take you into the lecture quiz. It is your place to practice. You can take that one as many times as you want and only the highest score goes to the grade book. It is fine to use notes and family member help in these quizzes. Calculators are highly recommended.

After you have done all the lessons in the module, it is time to browse the lab section. The labs are all extra credit, so you have the flexibility to decide what labs you do and how many. Colleges will expect you to do labs, so don't skip them all. Do a minimum of 5 in each high school level course. The more the better.

Next is to prepare for the exam. I highly recommend retaking the lecture quizzes as a part of your study routine. Don't consider yourself ready until you can take those and not need the hint levels to get the question correct. If you have some that you cannot figure out, come in for open office hours and get some help. The days and times are in the tall blue graphic in the left sidebar of the home page. 

When you are ready, click on the exam link to begin the test. This one should be taken without the help of notes or family members. calculators are fine. At about module 5 you will start needing your periodic table for most tests and quizzes. Be sure to use the one provided on the course page, not in the edition 2 textbook. It has a few amus that are different than in edition 1.