Question: How do I navigate in the course page?

Answer: Use the Jump Buttons at the Top of the Course Page.
The course can be toggled between showing all 16 modules or just the top block and one module. The problem was that most students didn't realize they could switch their view. This year we are experimenting with having jump buttons at the top of the course page to help students discover the single module view. Click on the module you want loaded up and that will be the module added in under the top block. 

Here is an example jump button.

Jump inactiveIn the live class version of a science course, one button will be different from the others to help students know what module we are on. For instance, if we are on module 1 in chemistry, the button for module 1 wouldn't have the blue background. Instead, it would have this one ...
Module 1 ActiveIf you want to switch to see all the modules, just click on the square that you will find on the right of a module block.

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