Yes, Advanced biology is above the level of biology that all students are typically expected to take. Its focus is on human anatomy and physiology and our content goes above and beyond the text alone. You must have the General Biology level before this one. Information the general level is different than in this level and colleges will expect that student have that information too.

To be able to count the course on a transcript as an honors level course, however, the lab component must be included. We do have the labs set to extra credit, but that isn't because they are unimportant. We set them that way because many students will do their labs in a local co-op or do them in lab intensives such as Landry Academy offers. Starting in module 6, you have the choice of working with a fetal pig or a cat for a multi-module dissection. If the students is heading toward a science or health major, opt for the cat. You can order the cat through Carolina Biological Supply. The reason to opt for a cat is because the organs are more developed and more similar to human organs.