This may be available as a live class IF we get teachers to support it.  In a typical year, we are usually able to run at least one live session.  Live classes meet one day per week for 15 weeks.

We hope to be able to have this available as an AYOP class fall of 2019-20.  We aren't 100% sure we will be able to have it ready, but we will try.  We will not know until summer whether we will be able to fit it in.  Our build schedules are very tight with the classroom and support desk upgrades this year.


Senior High School level 


Projects and additional assignments must be graded by parents.  Each student must have a parent enrolling using a separate parent account.  Parents will have access to a grading password through their parent account to submit grades to the grade book for the parent graded assignments.


This is a one semester class recommended for SENIOR HIGH level students.  

The live class and resources give one half credit in U.S. Government.

Families may choose to add one half credit of English (literature and composition) on their own.  (Literature readings and assignments are within the VHSG course page as optional items, but will not be covered in live class.  Parents will grade any literature activities.)

  • Computer-Scored Lecture Quizzes
  • Project-based activities in each of the 4 parts of the course (Parents grade these.)


The following books are REQUIRED in order to take this class.  By enrolling in this class, you are agreeing to purchase the books and meeting our agreement with the publisher that allows us to offer the class online.    You may be able to locate used copies.