One word....  SPAM!


You need to be sure to check your Spam folder for any emails from our Freshdesk support. Once you have located the email, please mark it as NOT SPAM. This way your email server knows that you do want emails from us.

When you email us at, you should receive an automatic acknowledgement of your ticket submission within a few minutes.  If you search for that right away and mark it NOT SPAM, it will hopefully route the actual reply to your question directly to your inbox once we are able to send it.    


Before you email us, check our Knowledge Base. We have a collection of articles that may have the answer to your question. Be sure to check there first. 

If you do not find your answer, please send an email to with detailed information about what you need.

Please include your name and email, your student's name and email, and any details about your question.  If the question is concerning a course, please give the course name and lesson/question numbers you are asking about, if applicable.