VHSG is not like most paid online classes. It is completely volunteer run and has been serving homeschool families for more than 15 years. It is similar to a co-op you might be involved with locally. Parents pool their talents and offer different things. Nobody is required to volunteer here, but volunteers and those that donate to fund the server and software needed to run the courses are seated in the live courses first as a thank you. 

We offer 2 main types of classes: AYOP (at your own pace) and Live. AYOP classes seat any number of students and you can enroll year round.  You use those classes however you choose at whatever schedule you choose.  Saxon Math and Apologia Science classes are offered each year AYOP.  Anyone can sign up for those classes at any time. Live classes vary year by year based on what we have volunteers for. In the past we have had live classes for math, science, literature, writing, study skills, foreign languages, and a great variety of electives. There is no guarantee of what live classes will be offered.  It is totally up to the volunteers. 

Teacher Commit Date is June 30th, although we encourage teachers to volunteer as soon as possible so we can start planning.  Recruitment will begin in May, but potential teachers may shadow in classes that interest them before recruitment begins.  As teachers commit, we also recruit graders to support the classes. 

Lottery Enrollment for families will start in June/July, as soon as we can get classes listed after volunteers are confirmed.   Classes will be added for enrollment as volunteers step up. Lottery Enrollment closes at midnight CST on August 4, 2020.   

Classes are subject to lottery if we do not get enough volunteer teachers and graders to support the classes.  If lottery needs to be held, we will do that as soon as we can after enrollment ends.  (It takes some time for the admin team to process enrollments.)

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