We cannot guarantee anyone a seat in our classes.  We need the volunteers to step up to teach and grade to support the student enrollment in our classes.  If we don’t get enough volunteers, even the Early Seating students could potentially go to Lottery.  That said, we do have wonderful volunteers.  We do whatever we can to try to recruit enough volunteers to seat all the Early Seating families.  So far, we have been successful doing that.  However, it gets more difficult to do as we grow.  We NEED new volunteers to step up in order to continue seating the students in our ever-growing co-op.  If we continue to get new students but the volunteer help doesn’t keep up, there will be a point where it isn’t sustainable.

Please check out our "Who Qualifies for Early Seating" section for ways you can volunteer to make more classes available for our students.  Please sign up for our Teacher and/or Grader Training/Recruit courses to find out more information about volunteering.  We actively recruit teachers and graders starting mid June through July.  Classes that are offered depend on YOU!