If you are interested in joining VHSG, the first thing you will need to do is visit vhsg-live.org and set up a parent account. You will find instructions for doing that here. Be sure to write down the account name and password for the future.  The password will be long and you may forget it!

  • To get enrollment keys to classes, you need to have completed this Parent Pre-Enrollment Course with your PARENT account.  
  • The Parent Pre-Enrollment course will walk you through setting up accounts for both live and AYOP (At Your Own Pace) classes.
  • This is an information course to over how we work.  If you are trying to decide whether VHSG classes are the right fit for you, start with the Pre-Enrollment course.  
  • It also streamlines the information the admin team needs for enrollment so we can work more efficiently and delegate tasks to other volunteers.