• Volunteer Teacher commits start.  
  • Volunteer Grader commits for classes needing volunteers will begin as teachers commit for those classes.  (Graders are needed for Grammar, Writing, Literature, and Science.)
  • Lottery seating will begin for all students as teachers step up for each class.
  • We ask volunteer teachers to commit to teaching by June 30 if at all possible.


  • Continue lottery enrollment for students in classes with teachers and graders.
  • Monitor enrollment numbers and continue to recruit teachers and graders for classes where demand is high.  Many classes usually need multiple sessions to seat all students wanting a spot.
  • Tech testing in the live online classroom will be done through July for families taking classes.  This is a REQUIREMENT to take the online live classes and families must participate even if they have taken classes before.  They will be offered throughout the month.


  • August 4 at midnight - Lottery enrollment will close in all classes.  
  • Try to recruit final volunteers to seat as many students as possible in classes after enrollment closes.
  • Conduct lottery (if necessary) for each of the classes.
  • Students will be notified if they have been seated in the classes in early August.
  • Subject specific teacher training will be done throughout August.


All of our classes are offered by volunteer teachers and graders.  Without these volunteers, we cannot offer the classes.  Our Teacher Commit Date is June 30.  Some teachers volunteer earlier, but it will be July before we have a full list of the classes that will be offered.  (Within these classes, seating is by lottery, since we can only seat students we have volunteer support for.  We have to limit class size in each session.)

If you are interested in teaching, you can request more information by emailing  (Formal teacher recruit will begin the end of April/early May.)

We are in the process of adding course descriptions and Frequently Asked Questions to our support desk for various classes.  That will also give you an idea of what classes could run if we got enough volunteers to teach and grade them.  There are course specific questions toward the bottom of the support desk.

Course Descriptions

The important dates listed above show dates to expect the classes to be posted for enrollment.  A change this year is that we will be opening lottery enrollment for ALL STUDENTS from the very start.  That will allow us to determine demand for each class and find additional volunteers earlier.

When it comes to lottery seating in classes, volunteers/donors will be seated in classes first.  If there is still room, other students will be able to be seated.  There is a potential