Saxon Math 54

This class is available as an AYOP (At Your Own Pace) class every year.  Although it is not guaranteed, we have been able to offer at least one session of live Saxon 54 in most years.  We do need to have the volunteer teachers step up in order to offer it.  

As with all of the math classes, please enroll in each AYOP class quarter immediately prior to starting work in the course.  That will help so you get the latest version of the course with the latest feature updates and tech fixes.  

  • Each lesson has a recorded lecture for the new lesson content
  • Each Problem Set has an online answer entry with immediate scoring. Students can immediately try again on a question by question basis.
  • The Weekly Quiz too has an input for answers that are immediately scored by the computer. This one is an assessment though and so only one attempt is allowed.If students have a technical issue, they can contact the instructor.


Approximately 4-5th grade, but varies by student.  

Required Text:

Saxon 54 Student Text - Third Edition recommended (2nd will work, although course was built with 3rd)

You MUST own the student text to take this course. It is required to meet copyright agreements with the publisher. You can often find used copies.

Amazon Link for Used Copies


We want you to be successful in this course.  Please use these as guidelines for to find the best fit.

  • Take and passed Saxon 3 course (recommended 80% or better) OR pass a Saxon Placement Test recommending placement in this course.
  • Link to Saxon Placement Test
  • Own a copy of the Saxon 54 Student Text (Third Edition recommended)


Lessons are recorded and often interactive in format. 

The online homework assignments draw questions from a large poole of question of similar type. Students get immediate feedback as they work the problem both for specific answers that they try as well as general feedback hints. The last hint points them toward ways too get live help if they need it. Finished attempts also offer the option to redo a another problem from the same question poole allowing lots of extra practice on problem types where the students feels they need extra practice. Multiple attempts are allowed but new questions are given on the new attempt instead of the same problem over and over.

Weekly tests have limited attempts to provide a true assessment of skills. If students are not satisfied with their first attempt, they may try one more time, but there will be no additional resets. The score will be an average between the two attempts. (The second test will have different questions.) Feedback is given after the test is completed. 

Open office hours are available for students that need help. Hours are posted on the home page and students get a link on their last hint that helps them know how to get extra help when they need it.