Saxon Math 3

This class is NOT available as an AYOP.  We have not yet built the resources necessary to offer it At Your Own Pace.  Although it is not guaranteed, we have been able to offer at least one session of live Saxon 3 in most years.  We do need to have the volunteer teachers step up in order to offer it.  


  • Each lesson has a recorded lecture for the new lesson content
  • Each Problem Set has an online answer entry with immediate scoring. Students can immediately try again on a question by question basis.
  • The Weekly Quiz too has an input for answers that are immediately scored by the computer. This one is an assessment though and so only one attempt is allowed.If students have a technical issue, they can contact the instructor.


Approximately 3rd grade, but varies by student.  

Required Text:

Saxon 3, ed 1 is an exact match, other editions are fine too. On this one, go for a teacher's manual instead of the student text. There is too much the student text doesn't show and I want families to be able to track all the skills we are working on. Find it used HERE at Amazon. 


Live online classes follow the Saxon Math 3 scope and sequence but the actual class time is filled with very game-like activities in a mix of individual and group activities. Live class activity time is followed by online practice quizzes and a weekly assessment.