We have four grammar levels.  Grammar 1-4.  Grammar 1 is the recommended starting point for any child in grades 3-12.  We HIGHLY recommend all students start in Grammar 1.  However, if your student has had significant grammar experience, they may take the placement test at  this link. If they pass the placement test, they may move on to a higher level book.

This class is not meant to fulfill a full English credit.  It should require 15 minutes a day, 3 or 4 days a week, plus the online class time (30-45 minutes) once a week.  This will be a total of about 1 1/2 hours a week.

Live Class Meets (if we get volunteer teachers):

  • 1 day a week
  • 34 week course

PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT available as an AYOP class.


What this course offers

Once a week, the teacher will meet in the online classroom with the students to correct the students' edits from the previous week, review the vocabulary words, teach the current week's lesson, and do the Day 1 passage for the current week together.

During the week, the kids are responsible for rewriting the previous week's passage that has now been corrected in the live class, uploading that rewrite for a grade, finishing the current week's edits, defining the week's vocabulary words, and being at the next live class ready to discuss their edits.

Also offered on the course page for some levels are weekly grammar cards and vocabulary cards to study via Quizlet. Quizzes on these cards will appear periodically.  The quizzes are optional and at the discretion of the parents.  It will not adversely affect the students' grade if they are not taken. They were created to be used by families who needed or wanted extra grades.


Requirements for this class

  • Each family must own the required books listed for this course.
  • Access to a dictionary is needed.
  • The student needs the ability to upload a clear picture or scanned copy of the handwritten weekly rewrite to be graded by the teacher.
  • A headset will be a huge help in the online classroom so that the student can speak in the mic without echoing.
  • Please be sure that is on the list of allowed sites for your family.