Some teachers may like the kids to use audio in class.  If your students want to participate using audio, they MUST have a headset with a microphone.  We have a new online classroom this year, and the computer microphones give off too much feedback.  That is distracting to the entire class.  Students will not be allowed to use the microphone on their computer.  If they do not have a headset, they will only be able to participate in typed chat, not audio.  

Students in live classes must attend the live class - updated recordings will not be available with the new classroom.

Do I need to do anything before the first day of class?

No, during our first class together we will take a look at the course page together and review the expectations of the class. We will also begin learning about Antarctica.

What grade levels would this course be appropriate for?

This course is designed for students in 6th - 12th grade. Students will need the ability to perform basic research on the internet about each of the locations we “tour”.  If it runs, there are separate course pages for grades 6-8 and grades 9-12.  Please sign up for the correct age level.

What books are required for this course?

This course does not use a textbook. The only required resource is access to the internet using sites like google maps and Wikipedia.

What will be expected of the parents?

Parents are responsible for ensuring that their students are attending the classes and completing the assigned coursework. Parents are expected to communicate with the teacher if they have any questions or concerns regarding the coursework, how the class is being conducted, or questions regarding their student's work.

What is expected of the students?

1. Students are expected to attend class 2 days per week and participate in the class discussions. They are expected to be attentive in class and not disruptive. While there are recordings for many of the lessons from the  1st year this course ran, there are not recordings for every week.  

2. Students will be using the forum to share information on the locations we are studying with their classmates. They will also be required to comment on posts made by their classmates in a positive and respectful manner.

3. Students will have short slide presentations to watch outside of class to help provide additional information about the locations we tour, to provide practice using vocabulary words specific to geography, and to review the information that will be on any tests or quizzes during this course.

4. Students will complete a “travel log” assignment for each area we visit. Details will be provided to the students during class; however, students will be encouraged to research various locations to determine what attractions or historical sites they would like to visit, what form of currency they would be using, what type of facility they would like to stay in, etc.

5. There will be a test covering each of the regions we visit which students will be expected to complete.

6. Students are expected to communicate with their teacher with any questions or concerns they may have during the course.