Some teachers may like the kids to use audio in class.  If your students want to participate using audio, they MUST have a headset with a microphone.  We have a new online classroom this year, and the computer microphones give off too much feedback.  That is distracting to the entire class.  Students will not be allowed to use the microphone on their computer.  If they do not have a headset, they will only be able to participate in typed chat, not audio. 

These may be available as a live class IF we get teachers to support it.  

We are not able to offer Mystery of History classes as AYOP.


Middle School Levels - Grades 4-8

High School Levels - Grades 9-12


Projects and additional assignments must be graded by parents.  Each student must have a parent enrolling using a separate parent account.  Parents will have access to a grading password through their parent account to submit grades to the grade book for the parent graded assignments.


High School Levels meet twice a week and finish a book in one semester.  Each semester class is worth 1/2 a credit, so a student could take two semesters to make a full credit.  If we get teachers, we plan to offer MOH 1 and 3 fall semester and MOH 2 and 4 spring semester.

Middle School Levels meet only once a week and spread the book over a full year.  

It will depend on volunteer teachers which books we will be able to offer at each level.  We have the courses built for Mystery of History books 1-4.


Each course description will give you the books required to take the class.  The Mystery of History books in the correct edition will be required.  Some teachers may also require some additional books for extra reading.