We get a significant number of families that ask, "How do I enroll in your school so I can home school?"

First, homeschooling requirements vary by state.  HSLDA is a particularly useful place to get the specifics for your state if you live in the US. Some states are very hands-off and others are more regulatory. The best place to start is to figure out what your state requires for home schooling.

Next, start researching curriculum options and plugging in to homeschooling social media groups and seeing of there are any local home school co-ops in your area. I want to welcome you to the VHSG Facebook Group. It is a great place to plug in with a group of other home school families. The link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/141433042565491/

You may be wondering, "Do I have to enroll my child in a home school?" When you are a home school family, the parents become the contractors for their children's education. YOU get to be your children's teacher(s) or hand pick the classes from outside sources for classes you feel unable to teach. You do not need to enroll in a particular school to home school. Actually, enrolling in a school often means that you are not a homes school but instead have your children enrolled in a private school. The home school movement mixing with the new technology allowing students to log in from home to take classes has opened up so many opportunities for you to select a mix of courses from a variety of places. Besides having a parent teach some courses or the student self-teaching themselves from curriculum, you may find a great mix by signing up for some of our courses, a handful locally from a homeschool co-op or a community college, and some from some of the other home school projects out there.

With home schooling, the parents are providing the transcript to colleges for their children's enrollment instead of a school, so keep up with what courses are done during the high school years and the grade achieved. There are transcript services available if you want someone else to do the paperwork for you, but it isn't hard to do this on your own. Colleges are quite accustomed to home school applications and most actively seek home school students.

As far as Virtual Homeschool Group goes, we are not a school and do not provide a full curriculum.  You enroll your child in individual classes and you as a parent will be responsible for recording their grades in your records and providing a transcript.  See here for more information on how to view VHSG grades.