We use a variety of services in our classes.  Our virtualhomeschoolgroup.org website has an automatic reset service that will monitor our site.  If it is down, please wait 10 minutes or so and try again.  If you continue to have issues, please post on the Virtual Homeschool Group Facebook Page to ask if anyone else is having issues.  The admin team will be able to check it out, if necessary.  If you do not have access to Facebook, please email support@virtualhomeschoolgroup.org to let us know you are having issues.

Our online classroom uses Newrow.  If you are having trouble signing into Newrow, try clearing browser history, updating browser, and restarting computer.  Use a CTRL or CMD R to do a hard refresh in Newrow.  Sometimes updates need to be activated.  If you are still having issues, check the site below or post on FB or contact support@virtualhomeschoolgroup.org asking for assistance.  You may also contact Newrow directly for troubleshooting help.

You can use this site to check if a site is down for everyone or is just down for your area.  Sometimes there are local outages that prevent you from accessing certain sites.