Popup Blocker:

We prefer to run the lessons, Study Notes, Concept Maps, and other resources in pop-ups so students can easily place resources side by side when they have the screen real-estate.   Solution: In your popup blocker, whitelist or look for the message to allow popups from this site.

Flash is Blocked:

This is another one where no one had issues in past years but all of a sudden this year we are seeing issues. Our lessons that launch with a Play Now button point to a file that detects if Flash is on a device or not. If Flash is there, the file will load up the Flash version of the lesson. If not, it loads up the HTML version. The file is detecting Flash is on a device when it is there, but something after the file launches disables it on some student's computers.
Solution: In your browser address bar, trim of the last part of the url that says multiscreen.html and hit enter. This will launch the html version.